A summation of Peter Lance’s expose of the Lois Capps (D, CA-24) / Raymond Morua scandal.

Background: On December 6th, 201[3], a young woman named Mallory Dies was hit-and-run by Raymond Morua, who at the time was a valued staffer to Representative Lois Capps (D, California-24).  Ms. Dies would later die of her injuries: Mr. Morua has since pled guilty to “gross vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated and fleeing the scene of the crime.”  As the link above shows, Ms. Dies’ parents are now suing not only Mr. Morua… but also his former employer Rep. Lois Capps,and the federal government in general.  And the reasons for that lawsuit are the subjects of this post.

As people will probably remember, I wrote about this last week; as it turns out, local reporter Peter Lance (as noted in this diary here) had previously written extensively on this subject for the Santa-Barbara News Press.  Said exposes included some extremely disturbing details about the case, including what very much appears to be a cover-up. I really do recommend that people go ahead and read through the entire thing, but I want to make sure that the following details are noted.

  • It is established at this point that Raymond Morua had a history of both driving while intoxicated and hit-and-run incidents prior to his being hired by Congresswoman Capp in 2011. It is also established that Mr. Morua had spent ten days in County lockup while actually being an intern for Capp. This is relevant partially because of the civil suit, and partially because…
  • It is reasonable to think that on the night in question Mr. Morua had previously attended a party as a representative of the Congresswoman. This is a very sore spot because, if true, it might make both the Congresswoman and the host of the party (the Santa Barbara Independent) liable for damages.

Now this is where it starts to get problematical for Congresswoman Capps. Continue reading A summation of Peter Lance’s expose of the Lois Capps (D, CA-24) / Raymond Morua scandal.

So why DID Rep Lois Capps (D, California-24) hire a drunken embezzler?

You know, I remember hearing about a Congressional staffer getting drunk and killing a pedestrian last year, but I honestly didn’t think very much of it at the time, except of course to feel sorry for the victim. But what I did not realize was that there was both a history of bad behavior, and a possible work-related element to the story:

The parents of a Santa Barbara woman who was fatally struck by a congresswoman’s aide filed a federal lawsuit against the driver, U.S. Rep.Lois Capps and the U.S. government.

The wrongful death suit filed by Matt and Raeona Dies’ attorney claims the Democratic congresswoman hired the aide despite being aware of his two DUI convictions and failed to monitor him, KEYT-TV reported Saturday. The suit said Raymond Morua‘s job as a field representative required driving.

Court records show he has two prior DUI arrests, a hit-and-run and an embezzlement conviction.

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American Action Network’s targeted advertising and the redistricting wars.

It’s interesting.  If you look at these two ads from American Action Network – one for California, and one for New York – solely from the perspective of a national observer, it’s a headscratcher as to why a conservative-leaning group is targeting six Democratic Members of Congress (Tim Bishop, Lois Capps, John Garamendi, Jerry McNerney, Bill Owens, & Louise Slaughter) in two Blue States; particularly since none of the individuals involved are freshmen.  And yet AAN did not merely do the ads; they’re going to be backing them with targeted online advertising.  And why are they doing this?

Because California and New York both had… unexpected… results in the redistricting wars.  Ones that actually ended up not hurting Republicans as much as expected. Continue reading American Action Network’s targeted advertising and the redistricting wars.

Hey, what do these twelve legislators have in common?

This is via That’s My Congress, which is about to become very confused about why it’s getting traffic from a VRWC site. Here’s the list:

Lois Capps
Michael Capuano
Ben Cardin
Diana DeGette
Eliot Engel
Barney Frank
Alan Grayson
Carolyn McCarthy
Bill Pascrell
Adam Schiff
Allyson Schwartz
Heath Shuler

…and they have two things in common. First, they’re all Democrats. Second, they all have email addresses with Erickson & Company. And what is Erickson & Company? As That’s My Congress puts it:

Erickson & Company is not a lobbying firm. Instead, it helps set up events like the Heath Shuler’s BBQ, at which lobbyists and other people seeking special favors can come, check in hand, to pay for access to elected officials and their aides.

In other words, it’s a legal [and Democratic-aligned] money-laundering facility for lobbyists. Need to toss Heath Shuler some cash, but you’re a dirty lobbyist? Well, go to Shuler’s little BBQ (run by a go-between), drop a grand for a plate of food, and say hi! No fuss, no muss, no need for disclosure. Shuler’s happy: he’s getting his cut of your entry fee. The go-between is happy: it’s getting its cut of your entry fee. And you’re happy: this is a lot cheaper than a maximum campaign contribution would be.

So remember this, the next time anybody on that list – or, honestly, any Democrat – talks about the evil of lobbying: the sound you hear isn’t scorn towards those who would try to pay for influence.  Nope.  It’s scorn towards the rubes who don’t know how to tell when a Democrat is gaming the system.

Moe Lane

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