#rsrh Mortimer Zuckerman is unhappy.

I had a rather rude and pointed draft post here originally about how Daily News owner and real estate mogul Mortimer Zuckerman is not very happy with the way that President Barack Obama is mishandling the country these days.  Unfortunately, it was also a rather tedious and pedantic post, which took far too long to get to the point that if Zuckerman is really unhappy then he and his paper had better stop supporting and endorsing Democrats* and start supporting and endorsing Republicans.  But lo! – it’s so much easier just to write that out, and be done with it.

Although the other version had bullet points.  Bullet points are my weakness.  I REGRET NOTHING.

Moe Lane

*Including Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, who frankly is not keeping the Crazy People away from the productive class the way that she promised the productive class that she would.

Mort Zuckerman dismisses Obama.


Obama clearly wishes to do good and means well.

As I’ve mentioned in the past, that’s pretty much the worst thing that you can say about a person in English.  It’s what you fall back on when you can’t credibly claim competence or experience for somebody.

Via Riehl World View.  Read the whole thing, although with a title like “World Sees Obama as Incompetent and Amateur” you almost don’t have to.  It is… instructive… to consider that it’s hard to come up with an ally whom we haven’t insulted in the last two years.  Canada’s upset over our trade shenanigans.  Great Britain feels like it’s being repeatedly kicked because of the President’s daddy issues.  India is wondering why the heck the White House isn’t interested in building on Bush’s outreach.  Israel’s visibly deciding that the American government is more likely to condemn Holocaust II than it is to prevent it.  Western Europe’s getting exasperated with our fiscal policy, Eastern Europe’s getting nervous at our willingness to let the Russians repossess them, and we even managed to tick off Japan over the Okinawa air base thing.  And don’t get me started on South America.   About the only ally that I can come up with as being still more or less unscathed by our foreign policy is maybe Australia.

Now watch: the President will get caught on tape sneering at [ yellow tail ], or something.

Moe Lane

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