NARAL vs. …Nancy Pelosi?

Oh, this should be entertaining.  Apparently, NARAL is upset that Nancy Pelosi (who is technically, supposedly, theoretically supposed to be some sort of, well, Roman Catholic) said “I don’t believe in abortion on demand” and “I don’t believe that abortion is a form of birth control or contraception” – while still suggesting that Republican men are some sort of knuckle-dragging Neanderthals yadda yadda yadda, mind you.  Alas for the House Minority Leader, such doubleplusungood crimespeaks are dangerous agitprop and virulent memetic contagions that must be stamped out through a healthy dose of self-criticism and public abasement. Continue reading NARAL vs. …Nancy Pelosi?

New York Republicans take issue with NARAL NY disclosure carve-out.

The really short version: the state of New York has a law in place that requires donor transparency for nonprofit organizations. Last week NARAL Pro-Choice New York received a unique exemption for that policy – and I mean unique; the rules were determining exemptions got changed after NARAL got its exemption. Since then the NY GOP has actually managed to get upset about something done for/by the Democrats:

Senate GOP leader Dean Skelos is asking the state’s top ethics panel to rethink its decision to exempt NARAL Pro-Choice NY from having to disclose its financial donors.

Skelos, in a letter to Joint Commission on Public Ethics Chairman Daniel Horowitz, said the commission’s decision to exempt the abortion rights group was made behind closed doors and violated the spirit of the state’s Public Integrity Reform Act of 2011.

They’ve even got some press support for this one, for what it’s worth: unfortunately for the forces of anti-cronyism, New York State government is remarkably unconcerned about whether or not people get upset over the way that favorites at court are routinely given special consideration. And, forgive me for saying this, but: the way that the NY GOP routinely participates in such court shenanigans is one major reason why the New York State government feels free to act in such a manner. I humbly suggest that the NY GOP keep this in mind in the future.

Moe Lane (crosspost)