Shenanigans in NY-13: did Charlie Rangel win, or lose?

Apparently nobody’s really sure at the moment: original reports had Rangel winning by 1,034 votes. However, what can be fairly described as tabulation “irregularities” have come to light, thus causing Rangel’s lead over contender Adriano Espaillat to shrink to 802 votes. With about 2,000 absentee/affidavit votes remaining, the primary election is still very much now in doubt.  It’s also now going to the courts.

Of course.

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#rsrh Reminder: NY Congressional primaries are tomorrow.

Speaking as an American, I hope that Charlie Rangel loses in NY-13 and that Charles Barron loses in NY-08. Speaking as a Republican, I will be of course supporting their Republican opponents in the general election.  Speaking as a partisan hack, I find the possibility that both will win their elections and then proceed to further embarrass the Democratic party to be… thrilling.

I think that covers it.

Meet Michael Grimm (R CAND, NY-13).

Mike’s one of the GOP candidates for the district – the primary hasn’t happened yet – for the seat whose current incumbent (Mikey McMahon) just made the news for distributing a list of Grimm’s Jewish donors. Yeah, I know: you’d think in this day and age… anyway, Mike took the time to talk to us:

Mike’s site is here. Note the endorsements: Giuliani, McCain, & Palin. Pretty impressive spread there, huh?

Moe Lane

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Mike McMahon (D, NY-13): my opponent takes JEWISH money!

[UPDATE] Via Hot Air: let the damage control begin!  McMahon shoots the messenger, and completely fails to explain why she delivered the message in the first place.  Remember, folks: fish rots from the head down.

Rep. McMahon is claiming that he wanted to make sure that people knew that the 200K that his opponent Mike Grimm raised last quarter – which is, by the way, quite good for a challenger – wasn’t locally raised.  Well, to start off with: there’s usually no particular stigma involved in getting money from out-of-district, although I suppose that NY-13 might be one of those districts where such things are important.  Secondly, and more importantly: you’d think that if McMahon wanted to prove that Grimm was getting mostly out-of-district money he’d pass out a list of Grimm’s out-of-district donors.  Not a list of Grimm’s Jewish donors.

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