Want healthy teeth? Drink wine!

It’s science! SCIENCE, I tell ya!

Red wine has previously been linked to a range of supposed health benefits, from helping the heart to lowering the risk of diabetes. Now a new study suggests it contains chemicals that can help in the fight against tooth decay and gum disease. Researchers found compounds from the drink, known as polyphenols, helped fend off harmful bacteria in the mouth.

Note: this post was not sponsored by a grant from any domestic or foreign wine distributors.  …Dammit.  Because I figure that shilling for those guys must be awesome around Christmas.

Moe Lane

PS: To be fair… “But experts warned that the findings do not offer a “green light” to drink more red wine.”  Ach, “experts.”  What do they know?

PPS: Yeah, sorry about the perspective whiplash, there.  Remember: I’m a trained professional. Don’t try this trick of believing mutually contradictory things at once at home, kids.