Penguins versus Santas: a post-skirmish tactical analysis.

Via BigGator5 comes this rather epic video game battle.

I have no quibble with BigGator5’s analysis, but I think that the penguins wasted too many of their own troops. And not only by falling off of the cliffs; they easily had the numbers to hold back a little, get more of the Santas out from the bottleneck, fix the forming skirmish line on one end, then wheel another force around to flank the line on the other side and form a pocket.  When you have that kind of numerical superiority, you use it to minimize your own casualties.  The next force of Santas that you meet might be better at turning a chokepoint into a meat grinder. Continue reading Penguins versus Santas: a post-skirmish tactical analysis.

Reminder: NORAD Tracks Santa starts tonight.

They’re using Google Earth this year:

This has always been one of the military’s better modern Christmas traditions.  Plus, of course, keeping track of Santa is always good practice for our military personnel, in case there’s a bean counter or two out there grumbling about things.  Because there’s always somebody out there grumbling about things.