@sean_rowe concert tonight!

This is the Sean Rowe that I’m going to, which will pretty much eat up my entire evening. It’s in DC, so if you end up going I’ll be, again, the middle-aged geek with no ink who’s drinking a Coke*. Should be fun!

*I have nothing against booze, but I’ll be driving back home after dark and by myself on the Beltway.  I don’t need further complications there, you know what I mean?

Welp, Sean Rowe’s doing a concert at the DC9 Nightclub on 4/28…

…and after some careful schedule analysis and coordination: I can go! Fifteen bucks for tickets: the venue is the DC9 Nightclub (which is in, obviously, DC). If you end up going, I’ll be the stout middle-aged guy with glasses and no ink looking absolutely out of place for the place. I’m seriously considering wearing my N7 shirt for the full cognitive dissonance effect.

…What?  I am stout, middle-aged, and I’m certainly not going to pick up women. No reason to sacrifice comfort to fashion, then.