GHOSTS ON AN ALIEN WIND is now on Kindle Unlimited out of sheer SPITE.

Why? Because I just spent the last two hours pounding my head against Barnes & Noble. It hates every format that isn’t Microsoft Word, Microsoft Word forgets to tell you that its web version can’t do section breaks, and Microsoft’s app version would cost me $70 bucks a year. You want to know why you can’t crack the [expletive deleted] independent e-book market, Barnes & Noble? This is precisely why you can’t crack it. Amazon wants my [expletive deleted] book, and Nook does not.

You know what? To Hell with it. GHOSTS ON AN ALIEN WIND is now Kindle-exclusive, and it will be on Kindle 99 cent sale next month (the earliest I can do it). Suck on THAT, Barnes and Noble.