Soooo… who here is rooting for Lions vs. Chiefs in the Super Bowl?

I admit it: I am. Not because I’m a fan of either team, but because I want to see the real brawl: Apotheosis Trolls vs. Swifties. I figure that Zodiac and Three Year Letterman will find the prospect of poking the Taylor Swift megafans with sticks to be irresistible, and honestly? I’m there for it. It’s not really nice fun, but sometimes you don’t want to be the good guy.

Tweet of the Day, Are People REALLY Having Difficulty Understanding This Taylor Swift Quote? edition.

I mean, it’s fairly obvious what she’s talking about. It’s about how much she hates the [expletive deleted] music industry, which essentially made her have to re-record her first six albums in order to be able to get royalties on them*. Twitchy’s daughter gets it: all three of those references involve heroes fighting against implacable foes whose villainy is matched by their competence. Every album rerecorded is thus another middle finger extended in the faces of the forces of Evil. Pretty straightforward, really.

Mind you, the fact that I got it right away, but other people didn’t, means that the real story here is that Taylor Swift is a bit of a nerd**. She should throw in a reference to Faerûn next. Maybe that way we’ll get a sequel to D&D: Honor Among Thieves more quickly.

*Don’t let this happen to you!

**We already knew it also means that I’m weird, and probably immature for grokking the reference. I am under no illusions about myself. I am comfortable with it, too.