TED LASSO’s back.

The first episode of TED LASSO has dropped, and it was a lot of fun. We know all the major conflicts that will feature this season, and the characters are all busily playing to their strengths. Best of all: I think that they really are going to wrap it up this season for the main story. The temptation must be very, very strong for them to just keep going, but it would also be a mistake. Some stuff, you do, and then you’re done with it.

TED LASSO getting third and last season.

GeekTyrant to the contrary: good.

We’ve got good news, and we’ve got bad news. Ted Lasso season 3 is currently being written for Apple TV+! But according to the show’s co-writer, Brett Goldstein, who plays fan-favorite character Roy Kent in the series, the season is being developed as the show’s last.

It’s not that I don’t like TED LASSO. I love that show. It’s why I got Apple TV+. But it’s a three-season show. Adding more to it would be… unfortunate. Some things should be done, and done well, and then be permitted to tip their cap and head out into the friendly dusk.

The TED LASSO Season 2 trailer.

You kept waiting for it to become… something. Cynical. Mocking. Cruelly dismissive. Hollywood. And then the season was over, and you realized that, crap, they really meant it. It’s just, you know, good. Like, opposite-of-evil good.

I have no idea where TED LASSO came from, and I’m terrified that they won’t be able to pull more of it out. But I’m ready to let them try.