Tweet of the Day, The Reason For My New Tagline edition.

Because, really, you can’t go wrong by despising all Communists on principle.


Moe Lane

PS: You really should read that entire Wikipedia entry. It’s great fun, and may help you understand why the British Empire did so well for itself.

Tweet of the Day, Sing It, Brother Dennis edition.

Via Twitchy, Dennis Miller:

Although… now would be a good time for Barack Obama to decide that, what the heck, he might as well authorize Keystone. Most of the people who would be mad at him for that are currently mad anyway.

Tweet of the Day, …Dear God. OfA Really IS Pronounced ‘Ofay,’ Isn’t It? Edition.

I am shocked that I never noticed this one on my own:

For those wondering: ‘ofay’ is an African-American derogatory term for a white person. A clueless, stuck-up, pig-ignorant white person with massive entitlement issues. Continue reading Tweet of the Day, …Dear God. OfA Really IS Pronounced ‘Ofay,’ Isn’t It? Edition.

Tweet of the Day, You Don’t Have To Agree… edition.

…but you should probably take the argument seriously.


One thing that Sean said rings particularly true: “The battlefield of presidential politics is littered with the bones of politicians who started thinking about Iowa before tending to their own re-election efforts.” I should also note that a lot of people – including me, some days – are simply assuming that Cory Booker’s social media-friendly persona will beat out Frank Pallone’s I-buried-the-bodies-so-of-course-I-know-where-they-are machine politics methodology in a primary.  If that does not happen, then the odds of a GOP upset go a little bit higher; after all, it then becomes an off-year, off-date special election where the Old White Guy beat out that nice Mayor who gets along so well with Governor Christie.  Every little bit helps.

Again, you are not required to agree with any of this.

Moe Lane

Tweet Of The Day, This Is Indeed The Media Flowchart edition.

And far too many in the Media live for the day that they can finally blame it all on the Tea Party.

Whether or not that will work is another question.

Tweet of the day, Not Just No edition.

Hell, no.

Jeebus, but these people have far too much free time on their hands. Also, poop.

Moe Lane

PS: Click the link, at least this one time. The Madness refuses to STOP. Even the author thinks that these people are smoking crack.