‘Teen Paranormal Romance.’

David Thompson passes along a picture of a section header from a Barnes & Noble; I saw something similar (‘Supernatural Romance’) at a Books-a-Million yesterday when I picked up a copy of Gail Carriger’s Blameless (The Parasol Protectorate).


Gimme a break, it’s steampunk.  Alt-history steampunk horror.  OK, OK, maybe there’s just a bit of romance novel ethos in it… but it also has clockwork assassin beetles in it, so I don’t want to hear any snickering, OK?  Anyway, this entire werewolf/vampire Byronic hero thing seems to be quite the fad.  Did the demographic that reads romance novels get bored with pirates?

And, more importantly, is there any way to suck them farther into the genre?

Needs a woman with improbable armor and bow.

Which the actual film will undoubtedly have.

Gladiators V. Werewolves. Topless Robot has more, and by ‘more’ I mean the line “Finally, someone made the movie that was in my head during the entirety of 7th grade,” which is pretty much what I was going to write, only better.  Then there’s the actual film blurb: that it included the phrase  “The heroic Centurian” is the icing on what promises to be a veritable cake o’schlock.
Yes, I’m likely to see it.  Your point?