Down with Wilson and Calhoun! Up with Harding and Coolidge!

Oh, this is good.

… if the prissy Princetonians insist on renaming the Woodrow Wilson School for Public Affairs, here’s a modest suggestion: Rename it for Warren Harding!

Harding was the anti-Wilson in all of the ways the campus protesters could want. He pardoned most of the political dissenters Woodrow Wilson had jailed during World War I, especially the socialist firebrand Eugene Debs, whom Harding then invited to the White House, saying afterward that he rather liked Debs. He also proposed civil rights protection for blacks, in a speech in Birmingham, Alabama, that drew boos and jeers from the mostly Democratic audience.

Power Line also suggests renaming Yale’s John Calhoun Hall for Calvin Coolidge. Which I could get behind, too.  We do forget that Harding and Coolidge were a breath of fresh, clean air after the rancid miasma that was the Wilson administration – which is to say, progressive academics have done everything in their power to make people unaware of just how bad Woodrow Wilson was, as both a President and a human being.  That’s actually a bit of a pattern…

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Moe Lane

These Yale students should still celebrate their fossil divestment day by turning off the heat…

…in their rooms. What’s that? ‘Courting hypothermia?’ Well, that doesn’t sound like people who are dedicated to the Struggle…

Seriously, they should stop having these things in winter. Which apparently can be defined these days as ‘any time between November and May.’

Yale professor finds hint of a suggestion that Tea Partiers aren’t scientific illiterates; *doesn’t* suppress it.

It is a general indictment of our current system of academia that I can’t decide which of these passages will offend said academics more. First, this observation:

Yale Law professor Dan M. Kahan was conducting an analysis of the scientific comprehension of various political groups when he ran into a shocking discovery: tea party supporters are slightly more scientifically literate than the non-tea party population.

(Um. No, it’s not actually shocking*.) Anyway, here’s Professor Kahan’s reaction: Continue reading Yale professor finds hint of a suggestion that Tea Partiers aren’t scientific illiterates; *doesn’t* suppress it.