Preparing for the Democrats’ Charge of the Light Brigade.

I just can’t decide which is the better passage from this Time article (yes, Time) by Christopher Caldwell. It’s either this:

Democrats have a tiger by the tail. It is dawning on them that the people screaming at those town-hall meetings over the summer were not just feigning anger or sublimating their personal neuroses.

or this:

Democratic reform efforts once focused on building a European-style single-payer Utopia. They now focus on enlisting Republicans, if only a few, to share responsibility for a plan that Democrats, if they were sufficiently contemptuous of public sentiment, would have the votes to pass on their own.

Either way, it’s going to be an interesting October.  The public dislikes the current plan – more accurately, the lack of same – coming from the Democrats; and the non-Democratic portion of the country prefers to be responsible for their own health care choices.  And yet, going bipartisan on this will infuriate the Democrats’ partisan base.  It is, frankly, a mess for them.

A solution?  The Left doesn’t want to hear my solution.  Because it starts with them admitting that they weren’t that smart, after all, and gets worse for them from there…

Moe Lane

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