Reviewing the September fundraising numbers.

It’s that time again.  Short version: RNC beat DNC, but DSCC & DCCC significantly outraised their counterparts – sufficiently so that the Democrats raised more overall for the month.  When debt is factored in, the Democrats also went from being significantly behind on cash-on-hand to being slightly ahead.  That being said: the RNC and NRCC are both reporting significant increases in small-person donors.

Raised CoH Debts
RNC 9.05 18.90 0.00
DNC 8.20 14.90 5.03
NRSC 3.20 5.20 0.00
DSCC 5.90 10.30 2.50
NRCC 3.41 4.32 2.00
DCCC 7.00 14.70 4.00
GOP 15.66 28.42 2.00
Dem 21.1 39.9 11.53

All in all, good news generally for the Democrats – particularly after their poor month last month.  Meanwhile, the GOP ‘s small donor contributions have gone up, so the news isn’t all bad. Which leads to the next point:

  • RNC donation page.
  • NRCC donation page.
  • NRSC donation page.

If you’re annoyed at any or all of these organizations – and I know that some of my readers are – then by all means find a candidate that you aren’t annoyed at and support him or her.  Then go join Cold Warrior‘s precinct committeeman project and help fix the underlying problem.  No cavalry, folks.  Just us.

Moe Lane

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