Alcoholic Caribbean monkeys.

(H/T: Fark Geek) The title is all that’s necessary, I think:

Alcoholic monkeys in the Caribbean mimic human drinking habits

…OK, and the video:

Mostly because somebody out there has a job that lets them go to Caribbean islands to film drunken monkeys. That lucky so-and-so probably even had a budget.  Why was I not told by my high school guidance counselor that jobs like this existed?  It would have given me something to aim for.

Moe Lane


  • Loren Heal says:

    From my perspective, you *have* a job like that.

    • Moe_Lane says:

      Dude. My job is a stay-home-dad. I’m currently feeding the newborn. There are no monkeys, no women in bikinis, and NO RUM. ‘Why did the rum have to go away?’ 🙂

  • Conservadick says:

    If we were to add small amounts of arsenic to the drinks and thus slowly eliminate the alcoholic monkeys from the population, would we also remove the alcoholic tendency from the monkey gene pool?

    • Moe_Lane says:

      As I understand it, adding small amounts of arsenic to the drinks – which, after all, are supposed to be safe for human consumption – will only result in alcoholic monkeys with great hair.

  • Loren Heal says:

    Moe, I’ve had that gig, and remember it as the best time ever. Don’t kid us: you’re paying a high price in income to stay home, so you’re clearly getting something very valuable to you in return.

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