#rsrh Yet more DNC-inspired threats…

…this time, against local police.  Via @cprater:

Saturday, Senator John McCain and Sarah Palin spoke at Mesa’s Dobson High School and as reported by the East Valley Tribune, about five minutes into Ms. Palin’s speech Ethan Elder a nineteen year old from Chandler began spouting anti-McCain statements. He was quickly apprehended, handcuffed and detained for questioning; no citation or arrest was made. On Sunday Mesa police received an e-mail that read:

Since the names of your pig scum that beat up the man at the (Sarah) Palin event just for exercising his free speech are not released, I’ll just have to pick out some Mesa pigs at random for pay back.”

Which is precisely what can happen when you irresponsibly incite your followers in order to raise money.  Some of them won’t turn themselves off afterward.

Moe Lane

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