#rsrh For the love of God, Barry: have a smoke.

The week you’ve had, I’d have to have a heart of granite to tell you not to light up.  I was a smoker for twenty years, more or less; I’ve been clean for about six years, and I still miss the darn things*.

So bum a cigarette off of John Boenher and ignore your wife’s dirty looks.  The last thing that we need right now is you being twitchy on top of everything else.

Moe Lane

*I suspect that most of the virulent anti-smoking types do, too; fulminating against the Demon Tobacco is thus just their coping mechanism.  At a guess.

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  • Paul says:

    Yeah, that’s exactly what I thought. The guy’s leadership is unraveling, the nation is mired with unemployment rising and economic uncertainty and the press is asking how is the President doing with quitting smoking. It’s surreal.

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