So, Hugo Chavez is in the hospital?

Lots of speculation as to why, up to and including prostate cancer.  Cancer’s a horrible way to go, of course, but what nobody’s apparently noting is that the reason that Chavez still in the hospital is almost certainly because it’s a Cuban one.  Propagandists like Michael Moore to the contrary, Commies tend to suck at anything that doesn’t involve turning large numbers of living peasants into dead ones.

Yes, yes, yes, they have the best health care ever.  That’s why they have all of those guards; it’s to keep people from sneaking into Cuba in order to get their gallbladders removed*.

Moe Lane

Via @allahpundit.

*Give me the resources of a country and a reasonable cut of the proceeds and I can create a functional medical tourism system that caters to the Third World, too.  Particularly if malpractice suits aren’t an issue.


  • Rob Crawford says:

    He’s likely in one of the apparatchik hospitals, so is receiving decent care. It’s the everyday civilian who gets to fight the rats for their bandages.

  • jetty says:

    I’m surprised that Obama hasn’t flown him up to Bethesda on Air Force One.

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