Rubio. Birthers.

Well alrighty, then.

The Daily Caller has the details*:

Here’s how the logic works (according to World Net Daily’s Joe Kovacs): “While the Constitution does not define ‘natural-born citizen,’ there is strong evidence that the Founding Fathers understood it to mean someone born of two American citizens.”

Kovacs (and he is not alone) goes on to reason that Rubio’s “eligibility is in doubt” because — though his parents were legal U.S. residents when he was born — they were not yet naturalized citizens.

Now, I am supposed to write something at this point like “Well, at least they’re being consistent.” I’m not going to be doing that. Instead, I’m going to be writing this. Under our current definition of ‘natural-born citizen,’ this guy:

…is perfectly eligible to be President and/or Vice President of the United States of America. It just so happens that I would prefer that he spend the rest of the decade in the Senate, then run for Governor of Florida, then become President – because I’m greedy that way – but nonetheless, under the current rules he is eligible.

But if your definition of ‘natural-born citizen’ means that you have to question the eligibility of this guy…


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PS: “Your stance would make Marco Rubio ineligible for President” is a valid rebuttal to your argument.  This is politics, not higher mathematics/formal logic.

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11 thoughts on “Rubio. Birthers.”

  1. Errr… I don’t recall that B. Obama, Sr., was a citizen.

    If Rubio isn’t eligible, neither is the Present Incumbent. Do they really want to bring that up?


    1. These are ostensibly Righties, Ric. It’s their desire to get Obama out of office the lazy way that’s sparking this frankly counterproductive stance.

  2. “Ric Locke

    August 24, 2011 at 12:15 pm

    Errr… I don’t recall that B. Obama, Sr., was a citizen.

    If Rubio isn’t eligible, neither is the Present Incumbent. Do they really want to bring that up?”

    It’s the SAME people making the claim about Rubio as make it about Obama.

    See, for example:

  3. I see.

    I’m reminded of the fellow who named his Pekinese Top, Bottom, and Strange. When asked why, he shrugged: “We all have our little quarks.”


  4. Florida has only one season: HOT! There is no winter, fall, or spring. I personally hate it, because I don’t like sweating, but I can’t see myself living anywhere else but Florida.

  5. I’ll disagree with BigGator5, I spent a good six months in Orlando and experienced all five season, usually within the same week. Sometimes all in the same day.

    I’ll agree with BigGator5 that Florida has one season, but only if we agree that the season that Florida experiences is actually named “What The Fuck Just Happened?” Why? Because that’s what we sailors would say when dealing with the nonsensical, er, delightful weather that Florida threw at us.

    This is also why I don’t think Arizona’s weather is anything special, or amazing, anymore. Florida cured me of the desire to live anywhere else but a desert. Things are predictable out here… by Florida’s standard anyways.

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