#Rsrh Hey, remember when #ows was going to transform stuff…

…at the level of the Tea Party?  Yeah, well, now even Bill Maher’s washing his (somewhat unsavory) hands of those idiots (via Hot Air Headlines). You know, it would have been interesting if the Occupiers had figured out how to translate their (somewhat mediocre and puerile) initial demonstrations into something that could have generated into actual votes.  Alas, that sort of thing requires work – and, worse, soap.

Oh, well, it makes my job easier.  And, really, that’s the important thing.


  • Catseye says:

    The Nato/G8 Summit in Chicago this coming May is going to be fun, OWS will be there doing there best to “transform” things. Also OWS has plans for May Day. Maybe related?

  • NotSoBlueStater says:

    At some incredibly abstract level, the Tea Party and OWS are angry about the same things: The unholy alliances politicians create to get elected and re-elected. The irony is that it’s politics itself that keeps the two forces separate and irreconcilable. A jointly-held anger that coalesced around the general observation that Washington has run amok would be a powerful thing.

  • Rob Crawford says:

    NotSoBlue: The problem is, the OWS thugs are upset that they’re not included in the corruption, while the Tea Partiers want the corruption to stop and the corrupt punished.

  • Larry Prior says:

    Rob, and all. The ows “management” are included in the corruption via the unions and other orgs. NSB has a point tho. ows peons are upset about some of the same things the Tea Party is, but their anger is targeted in the wrong direction. If we were able to undo their brainwashing then it could indeed be a strong alliance.

  • Canthros says:

    To the extent that everybody hates corporatism, NSSB, yes, the Tea Party and OWS both dislike the same thing.

    Everything else, from why they dislike it to what they propose doing about it, is diametrically opposed. But they do have that one, infinitesimal point of agreement.

    Well. I imagine both groups like rainbows and puppy dogs, too.

  • Jeff says:

    From the very start, the OWS movement has always somewhat reminded me of this old Onion article http://www.theonion.com/articles/alzheimers-sufferers-demand-cure-for-pancakes,835/
    I guess I have no further point….

  • Larry Prior says:

    Wow Jeff. That article was oddly prophetic. Good catch.

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