#rsrh Racist Democrat Steve Holland tries to memory-hole ‘Gulf of Mexico.’

No, really. This guy wants to rename it “The Gulf of America.” I can’re really improve on this characterization by blog of new orleans (and Fox should have linked):

Riding upon a chariot of Hummers driven by bald eagles, Mississippi Rep. Steve Holland filed a guns blazing cowboy steak of a bill, proudly waving our nation’s red, white and God-fearing blue to protect our American coastal waters.

Seriously, this is an incredibly dunderheaded idea. Even if Holland is trying to go with the “It’s a joke!” pseudo-defense now.

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  • Moe_Lane says:

    Should note for the record that if trolls are going to try to excuse their own side’s awful behavior, they’re required at minimum to use real emails. Plus, click all the links before commenting; that way, we know who to laugh at.

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