#rsrh WI-RECALL update: Barrett, Falk acting like… Wisconsin Democrats, actually.

The Democratic Wisconsin recall primary battle continues to show all of the dignity and maturity levels of a high school Prom C0mmittee slap-fight:

A prominent Democratic Party leader is warning gubernatorial candidate Kathleen Falk not to go negative in her primary campaign against her rival Tom Barrett. Falk says she won’t change her strategy.

Dave Obey served in Congress for 41 years, and now supports Tom Barrett in the primary. Wednesday, Obey reacted to published reports that Kathleen Falk, behind in the polls, is going to take aim at Barrett.

Seriously, here’s a thematic translation of all of this:

So, like, oh my God, Kathy was waiting so long for this, and then Tom just came barreling in after she did all the work and then he was like, all, “You don’t know what you’re doing,” and Kathy said “Like you do, Mister can’t-win-the-regular election,” which was very smart of her, and then Tom started talking about Kathy behind her back and trying to turn her friends against her, and some of them did, and then Tom’s got this big bully Dave running around trying to cut her down in front of everybody, like Dave even thinks that he can still do that, even after we all saw him run away from the Sean guy, and now nobody wants to talk to each other and everything is going to be ruined.


It hurt to even pretend to think in those terms, you know.  I probably had to kill a couple of brain cells in order to do that…

Moe Lane


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