#rsrh Shorter Kimberly Atkins: Lizzie Warren doesn’t know how to campaign.

I’m sorry, was this not already known?

Background: Mike Bloomberg came out with a surprise endorsement of Republican Senator Scott Brown, supposedly due to Brown’s opposition to cross-state recognition of other states’ Concealed Carry Weapons permits.  Which is an issue that… I have not really considered before now, actually.  Personally, a Bloomberg endorsement is not something to look for, so if you’re more suspicious of Brown accordingly then I’m not about to criticize you for it. More to the point, there’s an excellent chance that this endorsement was hastily made in order to explain away a fundraiser that Bloomberg was planning for Brown next month – which I assume would have some resonance in Massachusetts.


Essentially, it left Brown wide open for Elizabeth Warren to land a right hook on the issue of gun control.

But Warren didn’t even put her gloves on.

When asked about the Bloomberg endorsement, instead of blasting it as a piece of political theater to cover the leaked fundraiser plans, Warren touted her endorsement from the Massachusetts Credit Union League.

Yup!  And there’s a reason for that.  Lizzie Warren’s not a politician – and that’s not a compliment, in this context.  The woman visibly dislikes campaigning, doesn’t know how to connect with regular voters… and is facing a guy who has enjoys doing both.  You may not like Scott Brown, and I won’t criticize you for that, either; but the man has genuine political instincts and is facing somebody who doesn’t actually have any.  What Lizzie Warren does have is a willingness to say things that liberal/progressive activists want to hear.  This quality won her the nomination; it will be of somewhat less utility in the general election.

The entertaining thing about this is, of course, that you can’t teach killer instinct.  You either have it, or you don’t.  Warren doesn’t have it; and I don’t really expect her to win the Senate election, either.

Moe Lane


  • acat says:

    Who knows, Moe? Maybe, if she gets up in Bank of America (erm, Panther?) Stadium and gives a great keynote speech to the Dem convention, she can gain some momentum….

    (a cat can hope the Dems will put their hardest, most tone-deaf hard-liners on stage when trying to win the squishy middle, right?)


  • Doug Stewart says:

    Here’s a trade for those wanting cross-state recognition of same-sex marriage licenses: cross-state recognition of CCW permits.

  • Earlgrey says:

    I thought the election was still really close and we do have Obama on the ballot. No I don’t like Scott Brown either.

  • Ray Alderman says:

    Moe, Don’t discount the shear inertia of people voting for the Democrat in Massachusetts. Yes, Brown has won before in that state but that was at the height of Obama backlash and I suspect things have settled down a bit up in MA.

    Then there is what I’ve seen of Warren as the great liberal hope so her fundraising will be for big money. Not saying she will win but I wouldn’t be surprised if she does.

    I think it’s a testament to what you pointed out, she is not a campaigner and Brown loves this stuff, that he has a chance at all.

  • Darin H says:

    I don’t particularly care for Scott Brown, but I love the fact that the Dems have to expend time, money and energy in *trying* to get back Ted Kennedy’s* seat. I don’t want to drive him out of the party, I just want to make him the irrelevant 68th Republican vote in the Senate.

  • Don says:

    I live in MA and I’m going to vote for both Brown and Romney. For some strange reason, I fully expect Brown to win and Romney to Lose. I have no reason or data that makes me feel that way, but I can’t shake it.

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