#rsrh This would be where Elizabeth Warren (D CAND, MA-SEN) [expletive deleted] the bed…

in tonight’s debate:

DAVID GREGORY: Can you name Republicans in the Senate today that you are able to work with on big issues, substantive issues that the country faces?

ELIZABETH WARREN: Probably Richard Lugar would be one that comes to mind.

GREGORY: Not going to be there.

WARREN: He’s not going to be there.

Then again, at this rate? Neither will Elizabeth Warren.

Moe Lane

PS: Scott Brown for MA-SEN.


  • Catseye says:

    The old FreeFighter chant from Robert Adams Horseclans Novels comes to mind, “Blood, Blood, Blood, Blood”.

  • Doug Stewart says:

    I love the fact that the two banner ads that appear on this post are for Warren and for Rand Paul.

  • Jere says:

    So, she can work with Republicans who habitually act like Democrats. Gotcha. Let’s hope she can find some in the public defender’s office, b/c she’s not going to be in the Senate.

  • Patrick Thomas says:

    And, that’s probably why Dick Luger is no longer going to be a Senator. 🙂

  • Tom says:

    I never, ever, notice ads, so thanks for pointing it out Doug.

    I think its great that Moe can help her waste even more money in her march out the door.

    Either Moe is a great salesman: “Think of all the angry Libtards who will come to my site and see your ad.”


    They have a clueless marketing director: “His site mentions giraffes and politics…hey let’s go after the giraffe vote….”

  • Doug Stewart says:

    “My great-grandmother was half giraffe. I’ve always been told I have a long neck.”

  • acat says:

    Mourdock for Sen. (R-IN)
    Unfortunately, the Left seem to be into some disturbingly kinky stuff; while this definitely sticks and stinks, I’m not sure it’ll be enough.

  • qixlqatl says:

    LOL @ Doug Stewart. Good ‘un 😉

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