#rsrh This would be where Elizabeth Warren (D CAND, MA-SEN) [expletive deleted] the bed…

in tonight’s debate:

DAVID GREGORY: Can you name Republicans in the Senate today that you are able to work with on big issues, substantive issues that the country faces?

ELIZABETH WARREN: Probably Richard Lugar would be one that comes to mind.

GREGORY: Not going to be there.

WARREN: He’s not going to be there.

Then again, at this rate? Neither will Elizabeth Warren.

Moe Lane

PS: Scott Brown for MA-SEN.

8 thoughts on “#rsrh This would be where Elizabeth Warren (D CAND, MA-SEN) [expletive deleted] the bed…”

  1. The old FreeFighter chant from Robert Adams Horseclans Novels comes to mind, “Blood, Blood, Blood, Blood”.

  2. So, she can work with Republicans who habitually act like Democrats. Gotcha. Let’s hope she can find some in the public defender’s office, b/c she’s not going to be in the Senate.

  3. I never, ever, notice ads, so thanks for pointing it out Doug.

    I think its great that Moe can help her waste even more money in her march out the door.

    Either Moe is a great salesman: “Think of all the angry Libtards who will come to my site and see your ad.”


    They have a clueless marketing director: “His site mentions giraffes and politics…hey let’s go after the giraffe vote….”

  4. Mourdock for Sen. (R-IN)
    Unfortunately, the Left seem to be into some disturbingly kinky stuff; while this definitely sticks and stinks, I’m not sure it’ll be enough.

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