The Summer 2013 Twinkies are out!

ThinkProgress is rather gloomy about a wonderful bit of news: Twinkies are back on the shelves!

Hostess used to employ about 2,500 workers to produce snacks, but the new iteration will use just 1,800, according to a spokeswoman for its new private equity owners. The reduction in jobs is thanks to an increasing use of machinery instead of workers, dropping some of the former Hostess brands, a new model for delivering products, and closing nearly 600 outlet stores in which it used to sell products directly to consumers.

Those who do get their job back won’t see the same pay, however. Employees are now making far less than they were before the liquidation.

And the workers who are hired back will no longer be unionized. Where nearly 80 percent of the workers were part of a union before the liquidation, today none will be.

…and they didn’t take the right lesson from this.  To wit: to blazes with the stupid baker’s union that didn’t understand that the plants were going to close; and to blazes with the Teamsters, who refused to negotiate on Hostess’s downright insane distribution model.  I assure you: Hostess outlet stores were a bad idea.

Ach, well: ThinkProgress.  Now, if you’ll excuse me…

7 thoughts on “The Summer 2013 Twinkies are out!”

  1. Union work rules prohibited teamsters from delivering Hostess snacks and bread on the same truck. This contributed to global warming almost as much as the gas passed by those who ate Twinkies.

  2. Yep, the Hostess outlet store I drive by everyday is still up for sale. It was so exciting to see Hostess back in the stores Saturday. The Twinkies were sold out.

  3. ThinkProgress is one of those highly ironic names, since they don’t do much thinking and they actively prevent the progress of the human race.

  4. So what happened is pretty much what everyone said was going to happen? What on earth was that union thinking? The International Brotherhood of Jazz Dancers, Pastry Chefs and Nuclear Technicians fared better under Homer Simpson’s reign than did the Baker’s Union in this case. This is why unions are dying!

  5. What I really want to know is: will Ding Dongs still be packaged in that stupid plastic wrapper they started putting them in or in foil like they used to be?

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