#DNC to vote on toothless condemnation of Bob Filner. #waronwomen

Rather late to the party, they are.

The Democratic National Committee will vote on a resolution this week calling on San Diego Mayor Bob Filner to resign, ratcheting up pressure on the embattled Democrat who has been accused of sexually harassing multiple women.

You know what would really ratchet up the pressure?  Calling up every Democratic member of Bob Filner’s staff and informing them that they’re now dead to the Democratic party.  Which is why the DNC won’t do that; talk is cheap, but some of Bob Filner’s staffers are undoubtedly progressive males.  There’s a limit to what the Democratic party will do to them.

Via Hot Air Headlines.

3 thoughts on “#DNC to vote on toothless condemnation of Bob Filner. #waronwomen”

  1. Filner resign? I doubt it. I expect he will have to be dragged from the SD mayor’s office kicking and screaming and clawing all the way. The abuse of power is to much a part of his character for him to surrender it….

  2. If Filner were to resign, then he’d have to pay his own legal fees. Guess what? He doesn’t want to do that!

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