#waronwomen Alleged sexual assault, coverup, of minority Democratic staffers in Kentucky.

Oh, look.  A Democratic-controlled legislature stonewalling sexual harassment charges made by Democratic female staffers* against a white Democratic state legislator.  I’d say shocking, except that it’s not.  It’s highly offensive, but it’s not shocking.

Two longtime Kentucky statehouse employees have filed ethics complaints against Democratic state Rep. John A. Arnold Jr., alleging a pattern of sexual assault and harassment dating back to early 2010.

Cassaundra Cooper and Yolanda Costner, in separate complaints, allege Arnold inappropriately touched them and made lewd and vulgar comments in numerous incidents over several years. Arnold is a veteran legislator from Sturgis.

The complaints were filed with Kentucky’s Legislative Ethics Commission, which is an independent agency.  I mention this because the employees first went to their superiors in the Legislative Research Commission, which is not an independent agency – and the LRC tried to shut things down.  Like Democratic-controlled groups do when faced with sexual harassment charges.

Excuse me: “allegedly.”

Anyway, don’t expect this to end with John Arnold being removed from office, resigning, or even being particularly disciplined: the mechanisms for redress are, as they say, somewhat toothless.  From the article:

By law, the Legislative Ethics Commission now has 10 days to provide Arnold with copies of the complaints. Within 20 days the commission must initiate a preliminary inquiry.

If the commission determines the facts are insufficient to constitute a violation, the case is closed.

If the commission finds probable cause to believe that a violation of the state ethics code has occurred, it can vote to either issue a private reprimand or else initiate an “adjudicatory proceeding” to determine whether there has been a violation.

On the other hand, there’s an election coming up. Hint, hint, hint…


Moe Lane (crosspost)

*At least one of whom is an African-American, unless of course state Rep. Reginald Meeks – who witnessed at least one alleged attack, and who allegedly waxed rather wroth over it – habitually refers to all women as ‘sisters.’  Which… would be nice if he did, actually.

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