Hey, you wanna see Buzzfeed call @toure an idiot?

Speaking professionally, this was nicely done.

MSNBC Host Says Senate Dems Only Support Obamacare Fix Because Their States Are Gerrymandered

Senate seats cannot be gerrymandered.

You get the subtext (“…Dumbass.”) before you even get past the subtitle.  We all give Buzzfeed grief, and they usually deserve it – but they do know where to put the stiletto blade, don’t they?

10 thoughts on “Hey, you wanna see Buzzfeed call @toure an idiot?”

  1. Read the comments. An associate producer at MSNBC is trying to cover for him. Bring popcorn.

  2. In fairness, historically, there has been dispute over the political implications of the boundaries of states.
    That said, the last admission was, what, fifty, sixty years ago? That might be a long time to forecast political implications, or to care about what happens.
    On the other hand, I’ve a line of BS half together about how a fair, just, unbiased division of the states would be different from now, with many of the current big cities seperated out, and ruled as federal districts, without representation. Include things like historical greater virginia to taste. (FYI, Moe and acat both live inside the confines of what can be considered historical greater virginia.)
    On the gripping hand, messing around with state boundries would probably end up only stupid and destructive. If there is any great political profit, there would be non-zero chance of civil war. Anyone proposing to start a civil war expecting a certain victory is probably bonkers.

    1. Well, historically the Commonwealth of Virginia, my sacred homeland from which I am now sadly parted, claimed everything due west of their (and West VA’s) northern and southern border. So technically, I believe everything from Norfolk to Salinas and Alexandria up to Charleston (races and slots!) to Eureka is Greater Virginia. Unfortunately that puts San Fran and Berkely in VA, but I think the holdings in what is more commonly known as Kansas and Kentucky will help offset the bay area.

      1. There are the uncontested claims that were essentially handed over to the feds, like you mention, and then there were the ones that the other colonies contested. I’ve a vague memory that Virginia or someone sent some surveyors into the then north west, and had some claims there.
        I’m going with the latter for Historic Greater Virginia, which is inspired by one of my old Milosevich pastiches. So, as you say, then extending north to Canada, with the eastern northern bound in the Great Lakes Area.

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