Hey, you wanna see Buzzfeed call @toure an idiot?

Speaking professionally, this was nicely done.

MSNBC Host Says Senate Dems Only Support Obamacare Fix Because Their States Are Gerrymandered

Senate seats cannot be gerrymandered.

You get the subtext (“…Dumbass.”) before you even get past the subtitle.  We all give Buzzfeed grief, and they usually deserve it – but they do know where to put the stiletto blade, don’t they?

Obama administration going with the idiot narrative on #Benghazi.

No, seriously, this is the angle that they’re going to run with:

“We’re portrayed by Republicans as either being lying or idiots,” said one Obama administration official who was part of the Benghazi response. “It’s actually closer to us being idiots.”

Personally, I take the position that the administration needs to embrace the healing power of ‘and,’ here. But as the philosopher once put it: men must paddle before they can swim. Continue reading Obama administration going with the idiot narrative on #Benghazi.