Tweet of The Day, Did @DavidAxelrod Rip Me Off? edition.

How do you KNOW that David Axelrod didn’t rip me off?



Me, two weeks ago.

It’s not that Bernie Sanders is the next Barack Obama… [snip] … it’s that he might be the next Howard Dean. Ask John Kerry how well that turned out for the Democratic party in 2004. Spoiler warning: it didn’t turn out well at all. All it did was waste a lot of money that could have gone to the Democratic candidate in the general election.

So, either David Axelrod is ripping me off, or he’s saying things – without thinking them through, mind you – that the rest of us worked out a while ago. Being an egotistical sort, I’ve decided that it’s the former. I mean, why not? Axelrod will either ignore me, or start protesting that he’d never rip off such a small site as my personal one… which would have the paradoxical effect of elevating my personal site. I’m not seeing how I can lose with this particular gambit, is what I’m saying.

Moe Lane (crosspost)

PS: I’d also like to note that it’s kind of mean-spirited for a Democrat to implicitly compare his own party’s likely nominee to John Kerry. Not least because such an accusation has more bite to it when it comes from a Democrat. It’s like a punch that you didn’t see coming…

3 thoughts on “Tweet of The Day, Did @DavidAxelrod Rip Me Off? edition.”

  1. Sanders reminds me more of George McGovern, the far left felt their time had come then too.

    1. Don’t forget Henry Wallace, the 1948 third-party candidate and former Roosevelt VP, who was convinced that “Uncle Joe” was a good guy who’d been smeared by the evil capitalists.
      Please, Bernie … run as a third-party candidate!

  2. Imitation is indeed the sincerest form of flattery, and probably the most sincere thing you’ll get out of anyone firmly on Team Blue.

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