“Mo-layn, what is good in life?”

“To drop off your children with your family, go for a nice walk, and then see Star Wars again with your wife.”

14 thoughts on ““Mo-layn, what is good in life?””

    1. We’re not really lamenting. Just not terribly interested.
      I used to be a Star Wars fanboy.
      Then I saw Han shoot second and The Phantom Menace.
      I’m still barely interested enough to read the spoilers, and am left wondering what purpose most of the alleged main characters serve. (Other than showing Rey to be naturally better at things they’ve trained their entire lives for.)

        1. Use the Force, Luke!

          “This was not a spoiler. This was a reference to “Ghost Busters”, not Star Wars. You want to go home and rethink your life.”

          Oh, and I’ve read all the spoilers. Doesn’t make me want to run out and spend great gobs of money to enrich the Democratic National Committee, the Hillary Campaign, or The Bernie Sanders Socialist Love Fest, which is where all the cash will go. Really, what are you guys thinking?

          1. I’m thinking I don’t give a [catbox-nugget] about the politics of a good storyteller ..
            Viewing the entire world through an ideological lens is a *progressive* trait, and not a healthy one.

          2. Thanks, acat!

            I feel much better now! I guess being a “progressive” is sitting down and thinking about where my money goes, and if I choose not to support said industry, it’s unhealthy.

            It’s off to the re-education camp for me! Maybe they’ll show Michael Moore films there…

            Thanks Chairman Mew-ow.

          3. I see you’ve gone for mockery. Are you planning on following the whole Gandhi cycle?
            If you think your payment of $15 for a comfy theater seat to see a movie that has broken box office records makes a *difference*, that’s .. well, bully for you…
            Bullying others, however – which is exactly what your mockery attempt was – *precisely* matches the kind of purity-death-spiral small-ball thinking I expect from the progressive mind, whether that mind claims conservatism or not.
            Go have your death spiral, leave me out of it, I’m trying to watch the movie here.

  1. What is good in life? The Secret World, in a Steam sale. 11 bucks and change. Strongly thinking about getting it.

  2. Think of my sort of woe begone face…. ….. when realizing I did not get ANY of the under/over currents of the big gator/ donnybrooke/ acat moelane: settle down you all series of posts.

    And here I was thinking that in another couple of semesters I might could be allowed to sit at the big kids’ table. sigh… deep sigh.

    So, anyhows, I am just fixing to nuke me up my second cup of starbucks salted caramel hot cocoa mix made up with the hot half and half, with the Baileys’ salted caramel generously added in, with the reddi whip (made with real cream!) squirted on top.

    All in all, shaping up to be a good 2016.

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