Fine, fine, FINE.

Are you people HAPPY, now?

This really is not as easy as it looks, you know. That poor bastard of a short story is now going to spend probably the next two years being submitted hither and yon, and then probably expire of old age in a digital file somewhere. And it’s gonna break my heart two, three times in the process. I totally understand why so many people freeze up at this point…

4 thoughts on “Fine, fine, FINE.”

  1. Every published writer has gone through this ..
    Many un-published writers have too.
    All writers who never got passed it .. are un-published.
    Best of luck to you and your short story!

  2. Some of us have even gone from unpublished to rarely published, and even dream of one day reaching the exalted state of occasionally published.

  3. Rejection slips with less than a sentence of criticism are par for the course.
    They suck. But if you want to get past it, you gotta go through it.

  4. I submit something, it gets rejected…a few years later, I try again. It’s probably not the most efficient path to publication.

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