It is time that Disney think about optioning ‘Splinter of the Mind’s Eye.’

Given that Rogue One is busily racking up the numbers for Disney, to the point where the Mouse can now feel reassured that the Star Wars gravy train is indeed up and running, it is time that they start thinking about the next non-episode movie after the Han Solo flick.  It is my suggestion that they pick a definitely modified version of Alan Dean Foster’s Splinter of the Mind’s Eye.  Which means, yes, no Luke or Leia.

Why?  Permit me to point out the following:

  1. There is absolutely a gap between the events of Star Wars and The Empire Strikes Back where a story may be placed.  We know this because Foster’s book, after all, was designed to fill that gap, back before Lucas started to pretend that he always knew how things were all going to go, right down to the last detail. Also, putting a standalone movie here with non-Skywalker characters follows the style set down by Rogue One.
  2. You want more James Earl Jones as Vader? This is how you get more James Earl Jones as Vader. Or, heartrendingly: this is how you get somebody else who could get the audience accustomed to the thought that maybe the Vader role could be filled by somebody else.
  3. Drawing on that: you want more live-action Vader? (You can say no, of course. I almost did myself).  And there’s an opportunity here to really develop Vader as a character by not tying him so closely to the main cast. Remember that bit in Rogue One?  You know the bit that I’m talking about. We could have a movie with more of that in it.
  4. And, finally: optioning Splinter of the Mind’s Eye will cause instant buzz, controversy, flame wars, and other associated free advertising for the franchise.  And they’ll all go see it, too. Even the people who’ll hate it on sight. They’ll go see it three times and take notes, so that they can properly hate on the film later.  This is not a trivial consideration.

If Hollywood uses this idea, I want a piece of the action. Nothing too much.  Tickets to the premiere would be nice. Although I’m also available to consult. Yeah. Yeah, I think that I could clear my schedule for that…

Moe Lane

7 thoughts on “It is time that Disney think about optioning ‘Splinter of the Mind’s Eye.’”

  1. Give me the Thrawn Trilogy. Give me Heir to the Empire. Give me Mara Jade and Grand Admiral Thrawn.

      1. Especially since Disney already has brought Grand Admiral Thrawn into the new canon via Rebels.

  2. Hated that book, but in fairness I read it AFTER the Trilogy had been completed, so Foster can be forgiven for getting so much “wrong”.
    Brian Daley’s Han Solo trilogy, on the other hand, was kickass, and would require much less rewriting to deconflict with The Canon…

  3. Didn’t they already steal the book’s climax for The Force Awakens?
    I think that might be a problem.

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