Ethereal Domain: Miyazaki’s World. [In Nomine]

Please note: the nature of the In Nomine game world largely requires this to be a horror setting. Sorry about that.  I’m not too thrilled about it, either, but you go where the writeup takes you.


Miyazaki no sekai (“Miyazaki’s World”)

Major Domain [In Nomine]


Domain Features: Common Tongue, Dream Magnet, Regenerates


This Domain was constructed using the fairly rare practice of amalgamation: a particularly sophisticated and ‘dense’ dreamscape was located, casually ripped from the dreamer, then expanded using elements from lesser dreamscapes that were also stolen, then disassembled.  The whole process was then stabilized by ‘harvesting’ affiliated ethereal entities for their Forces and strands, until the Domain was powerful enough on its own to draw power from human dreams — preferably with ongoing outside facilitation, to keep it from going fully self-sufficient.  If all of this sounds rather disturbing and nasty, that’s because it is. It was also considerably faster to construct than the usual practice of simply and tediously lumping-together micro-Domains: Miyazaki’s World was put together in six months, as opposed to the usual decades.


But the process was also expensive, which is the other reason why amalgamation is so rare.  The only entities with the resources to do it would be ethereal gods, who can create Domains on their own far more quickly (and cleanly); or celestials working with the permission of their Superior.  Blandine (Archangel of Dreams)… there are no words in Angelic that could allow you to even imply that Blandine would countenance such a scheme from one of her angels. Hell, however, is not quite so finicky, which is why Miyazaki’s World is a joint project between Beleth, Princess of Nightmares, and Nybbas, Prince of the Media.


The outer shell of Miyazaki’s World seems innocuous enough: it’s an undeniably-pretty small planet with amazingly good clouds, pretty little towns, fanciful airships, deep forests, islands floating on the sea and the air, and quite a lot of quiet beauty… from a distance. And even close up everything at first seems fine. Hell uses the place as an ethereal tourist attraction, after all. But even then there are doors that should not be opened, caves that must not be explored, and the occasional event that can never be acknowledged.


But if you’re interested… well, the deeper you go into Miyazaki’s World, the more Hellish your surroundings.  Also: virtually everything around you is there to subtly encourage you to go deeper, too. Even on the surface, visitors are encouraged to take souvenirs, abuse the landscape, play with the inhabitants: “Everything can be fixed!” is a common Domain catchphrase. And when that pales, there’s more that can be provided. Discreetly, without judgment, and for a modest (at first) fee.


The fees are, of course, the reason why Nybbas is involved in this enterprise (Beleth is merely encouraging pain and suffering in the Marches). Miyazaki’s World caters to a rather select clientele, in particular acting as both a reward and an indulgence for quite a few mortal dreamers who rather like having their darker impulses fulfilled in an untraceable manner.  Plus, Miyazaki’s World is diverting Essence and belief from the August Prosperity Collective, which would normally be the the final destination for power generated from anime-flavored dreams.  This may seem counterintuitive, given that the Collective works for Nybbas these days, but: it is not in the interests of any Prince of Hell to have servants that are too independently powerful.


It is of course obvious that Miyazaki’s World has a foul reputation among ethereals, angels, and even mortal dreamers aware of the War. Any ethereal spirit whose Image includes anime or manga elements that ventures too close to the Domain is at risk of being kidnapped, enslaved, and swiftly used up in one macabre scenario or another.  Mortals not already attuned to Beleth’s side of the Marches will find the undertone of gruesomeness increasingly oppressing. And angels, of course, default to wanting to go screaming through the entire Domain with flaming swords, slaying the guilty — and giving the mercy-stroke to the enslaved. Unfortunately, the defenses are good enough to stave off anything below the level of a full-bore frontal assault.  But at some point, somebody in Dreams’ organization might even order one.


One last note: this Domain has no known Master.  Some very surreptitious rumors have it that the Master is in fact found in the very center of Miyazaki’s World, trapped and continually drained by Infernal pipes and machinery. Possibly freeing him, or her, or it will cause the entire Domain to break free of Hell’s grasp.  Or just disintegrate it into its component parts. Either way: an invasion would probably never reach the Heart of Miyazaki’s World, but a small group of determined-enough adventurers might…


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