I’m second-guessing my possible @WashingCon games again.

The Dragon Age RPG makes sense, given that it’s a world that I already know (having played the video games obsessively) and can easily improvise. And doing Timewatch is tempting, because I think that a convention is a perfect place to run a madcap, nigh-incoherent time-travel scenario. But now I’ve been thinking about a Day After Ragnarok dungeon crawl. ¬†Seed: somehow the flagship Saks Fifth Avenue store survived the tsunami that wrecked the East Coast. At least parts of it did. The loot from that lost world could make the people who salvaged it rich, rich, rich. ¬†Just mind the flooded parts. And the monsters. And the cannibals…

I can’t run three games, though. I may be too ambitious to run two. It’s a puzzler.

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  • JAB says:

    I go to one gaming convention a year, OwlCon, Rice University’s con. From what I see, more common games like D&D tend to fill up quickly, as well as games with a rabid following, like Shadowrun or the East Texas University thing.

    Dragon Age will have lots of people who have played at least one of the computer games. And a simple “grab the loot, try not to die” scenario seems like a good way to introduce a game to people who haven’t played it before. A “madcap, nigh-incoherent time-travel scenario” sounds like more fun for you than for your players, but that’s just me.

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