Group Seed: Greenhalgh and Meegeren.

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Greenhalgh and Meegeren – Google Docs

Greenhalgh and Meegeren


It is certain that the two entities that run this particular corporation are not actually named ‘Greenhalgh’ or ‘Meegeren;’ names have power, which means that anyone who runs the best emergency forgery firm in three universes would be well-advised to use a pseudonym whenever possible.  Even when that firm operates perfectly legally.  Even if ‘legally’ is itself at best an euphemism.

For that matter, ‘forgery’ is euphemistic, too.  There’s no good word in English for the sheer skill that Greenhalgh and Meegeren brings to its work.  Anybody can copy a picture, and the second-best can carve a statue that’s a perfect reproduction of the original.  But only Greenhalgh and Meegeren can create a ‘forgery’ that simply is the original, by any mundane or supernatural test known to any sapient entity. Rumor has it that the firm can twin an inanimate object’s very anima or soul, making it pretty much impossible to tell the original from the ‘copy.’  Established fact has it that Greenhalgh and Meegeren enjoy substantial patronage from a variety of nations, interdimensional conspiracies, mystical orders, and other state actors — all of whom have deep pockets, and a positive desire to keep safe such a valuable resource.


And, needless to say, hiring Greenhalgh and Meegeren can be very, very expensive.  Unless you have an interesting project in mind: Greenhalgh likes a genuine challenge, like doing a two month job in twelve hours; Meegeren has a soft spot for kids. There’s also the possibility for a discount if fulfilling a project will do a favor for a friend of the firm, or an injury to one of its foes.  For that matter, Greenhalgh and Meegeren routinely requires obscure and extensive varieties of raw materials for their work; they like to build relationships with freelance teams who can be both reliable, and discreet.

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