Group Seed: Business Agency Delivering Great Educational Resources (BADGER).

Business Agency Delivering Great Educational Resources (BADGER)

Logo: A snarling badger, one paw raised as if to strike. The badger wears a generic jumpsuit and a tactical earpiece/HUD display.

…They came up with the name and the logo first, then found a backwards acronym generator afterward. And, yes: even supervillain companies use those. Ain’t computer technology grand? 

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Item/Group Seed: Nega-Ohio.


Strictly speaking, the name is N’Gh O’Yiehrh, and that’s as close as humanity can get to the correct pronunciation, thank God. Literally. Species that can pronounce it properly tend to develop nasty personality disorders. ‘Nega-Ohio’ works well enough as a use-name; inhabitants of it are typically referred to as ‘Interlopers,’ or ‘the Unwelcome’ if somebody’s feeling vaguely pompous.

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Group Seed: CANDYCANE.


Otherwise known as the Covert Assault National Defense Youth Cadre, Air-Naval Echelon. And it’s just what it says on the label;  a clandestine American military agency that recruits children to fight hidden wars in the skies every December, just to make sure that Christmas comes to America every year.  And that Santa Claus survives the night.

…What?  Good Lord, people: NORAD tracks and escorts Santa Claus every year.  What, did everyone just assume that this was for fun?  It’s not for fun.  It’s to keep Saint Nick from being ambushed mid-air by all sorts of Nasty-Gnawers and Bad Witches and Shrieking Goblins and all the rest of the disgusting monstrosities that can bubble up from the depths of the Collective Unconscious.  Jung was right about that concept, you know — but if he had truly known about some of the stuff that was really down there, the man would have probably burned all his notes and fled to a monastery.  Suffice it to say that the world can get real scary-bad, real quick.

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Group Seed: Confraternity of the Malignant Crab.

Confraternity of the Malignant Crab

Description: The Confraternity of the Malignant Crab is a secret cult of operating room surgeons and staff that is centered around the ritual sacrifice of cancerous human flesh.  Acolytes of the cult can be found in many Western hospitals, including Japan. The cult has no formal symbol, but Confraternity cultists are understandably fond of crab imagery.

Well.  The best thing that you can say about the Confraternity of the Malignant Crab is that they’re actually not utterly unreasonable, for a human sacrifice cult.  Not actively malevolent, at least. It’s not like they make people suffer.  Or at least, they don’t at the moment.

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