Group Seed: Factio Eximiae Ululae.

Factio Eximiae Ululae

Symbol: an owl, in flight and pouncing, superimposed over a stylized thunderbolt.

(Blame this.)

Well, it’s sort of a cult.  That is, the Factio Eximiae Ululae (“Society of the Superb Owl”) shows many superficial signs of being a High Fantasy cult (hidden rituals, secret lore, a certain obsessive focus common to its members, robes, chanting) while at the same time avoiding the more alarming personality flaws often showed by more unsavory cults (aggressive nihilism, apocalyptic goals, human sacrifice, dress codes that handily obscure cultists’ faces).  Members of the Factio only hide their identities because they like to go after the aforementioned unsavory cults, usually while carrying very heavy weapons and a quite remarkable amount of accelerants. The Factio Eximiae Ululae is apparently one of those cults that gives great weight to the supposed cleansing properties of flame.

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