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Gymnaste (16/18)


This martial art clearly derives from the antics of clowns, acrobats, tumblers, and other physical entertainers.  It’s a rather showy martial art, but one that should not be discounted; in combat, a Gymnaste practitioner can thoroughly confuse an opponent simply by moving in ways that trained swordsmen find unfamiliar. And certainly anyone who is skilled in Gymnaste will have excellent hand-eye coordination, fine motor control, and a thorough familiarity with knives.


A cinematic Gymnaste adept will have Weapon Master, extremely high DX, and the ability to more or less turn anything into a thrown weapon.  Also: while not strictly cinematic, many mages who specialize in entertainment also learn this style.

Skills: Acrobatics, Dancing, Hobby: Juggling, Knife, Main-Gauche, Sleight of Hand, Throwing, Throwing (Knife), Wrestling


Optional Skills: Innate Attack (Projectile)


Maneuvers: Acrobatic Stand, Breakfall, Evade, Feint (Knife), Trip


Cinematic Maneuvers: Dual-Weapon Attack (Knife)


Cinematic Skills: Throwing Art


Perk: Can use Feint with Dancing


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