Adventure Seed: the Kingdoms of the Harvested Meat Map.

Kingdoms of the Harvested Meat Map – Google Docs

Kingdoms of the Harvested Meat Map

Physical Description: a wrinkled, somewhat used page with an outline map of the United States of America printed on it.  The Kingdoms of the Harvested Meat Map is further annotated, in a highly bizarre fashion.  What appears to be crude boundary outlines are scrawled on the map in blue, a variety of outlandish and unsavory names are written in red, and a large number of green dots are scattered throughout the map.

This last detail is significant, because the dots on the part of the map labeled “BLOOD – HEAT – HOWL – PREY – LAND” correspond fairly closely to fairly brutal murder sites in a serial killer investigation in Texas, including one murder that had not yet been discovered when the map first surfaced.  Discreet calls to other jurisdictions with green dots have revealed an alarming number of mysterious and unclosed criminal cases in the general vicinity.  It’s vague enough to be perhaps nothing, but — well, to the law enforcement personnel who have handled the map (including at least one state attorney general, at this point) it doesn’t feel like nothing. They can’t explain why and they’re not sure that they really want to, but something about all of this is off, and answers would be welcome. Or at least answers would clarify things.


They just need somebody to look into it. Somebody nice and deniable. That would probably be best.


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