My prediction for Solo.

I think that, in a couple of years, they’re going to do a sequel for Solo after all, box office disaster or not. Why? Because it’s not a bad movie. Yeah, the robot was sometimes annoying — but, heck, droids are slaves in the Star Wars universe and I’ve been known to fulminate about that a little when I’ve had enough drinks in me. But the rest of it? …I genuinely liked it. It was a good heist film. Woody Harrelson in particular has nothing to be ashamed of.

And I suspect that in a couple of years there’s going to be enough of a slow burn of renewed interest that Disney will green-light a sequel. Particularly because of that one cameo. That one cameo offers the Extended Universe fans a chance to get some of their favorite stuff up on the big screen after all.  And if there’s anything that the Mouse is good at, it’s getting its money back on an investment. They’ll want to get it back on this one, too.

But that’s just my admittedly not juiced-in opinion, so I guess we’ll see.

Moe Lane


  • junior says:

    Haven’t seen it. Will probably see it on video. Just not a good time for me right now.

    Having said that…

    My guess is that a lot of the reason why it’s doing poorly (and something that I don’t really see mentioned) is due to the change in directors. It happened in such a way that a lot of eyebrows were raised, and people likely steepled their hands, and said “Hmm…”

    But no one ever seems to bring that up when talking about why the movie hasn’t met financial expectations.

    • Moe_Lane says:

      That’s a possibility. Multiple directors can be a pretty good warning sign.

      • Skip says:

        For me, I saw TFA opening weekend, and it was enjoyable enough. Rogue One I was traveling, and didn’t get around to seeing it until it came out on bluray, but I didn’t really have any emotional attachment to anyone.

        I was out of town when the Last Jedi released, and then the following weekend was Christmas, so not happening. And by that time I’d read enough reviews by folks I trusted to not bother. So I still haven’t seen it.

        Solo? Well, it’s kind of like the NFL, once I decided that I didn’t need to see every movie opening weekend, I found that I really didn’t care as much as I thought. The reviews are good enough for Solo I’ll probably watch it eventually, but episode IX? doubtful.

        • bensdad00 says:

          I’ve said it on here before but to repeat, not one more dime.

          As to the cameo. In my mind, it stinks on ice. Han existed in a world before the Battle of Yavin, but it was a world without Jedi or the force, evidence ‘hokey religions’ line in the original. Any encounter with force-wielders, lightsabers, etc. undermines a fundamental aspect of the character.

          • UnmovingGreatLibrary says:

            Tarkin has a line in Rebels that allows the cameo to exist in the same world Han does when we meet him in A New Hope when it comes to Force-users.
            “Minister, have you ever *met* a Jedi?”

          • acat says:

            UnmovingGreatLibrary’s point is echoed in ‘Rogue One’ .. Chirrut Îmwe is the closest most of the cast have ever gotten to an *actual* Jedi.
            They seem rare as hen’s teeth, and mostly off hasslin’ trade federation outposts, littering in seedy bars, and visiting temples.

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