Miles Morales nod/hint in Spider-Man Homecoming.

Interesting: “Reddit user 1800DESOLATE spotted a Miles Morales nod during Spider-Man: Homecoming’s credits sequence. The specific frame for [Jon] Watts’ directorial credit features Spider-Man’s iconic mask in the background. But as it turns out, zooming out the screen’s perspective reveals Miles Morales’ black and red mask layered behind Peter Parker’s.” It could also be a photo negative, except that Morales’ uncle Aaron Davis (aka The Prowler) appeared in Spider-Man Homecoming.

Is it an Easter Egg, or a homage?  That depends: how much money will Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse make? If it’s a lot, then yes, you can expect to see Miles Morales show up in one of the future Sony Spider-Man films. Probably not the sequel to Homecoming, but the next one.  If, however, the character does not connect to a larger audience (fair warning: discussing the popularity or lack thereof of comic book characters in the larger Internet is so far into Here Be Dragons territory that I’m currently burping brimstone*) then it’ll all stay an Easter Egg.  I guess it’s all up to the Invisible Hand, in other words.

Moe Lane

*No, wait, that’s just the leftover Bourbon Chicken from the Chinese place.

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