First shots of Captain Marvel movie coming out.

There are Kree! And Skrulls!

Note this picture:

For those unfamiliar with Marvel lore, Monica Rambeau is a Marvel superhero called, hey, Photon (also ‘Captain Marvel’ at one point, just like everybody else in this movie*).  Energy powers, former leader of the Avengers, she’s a deep dive into the Stern and Romita eras at Marvel and clearly is there to make the old-school fans grin.  Alas, like most other MCU references of this sort, it’s probably all that the fans are going to get.

Anyway: can’t really tell much of anything except for the costumes, but the Kree and Skrulls look pretty solid.  And I’m pretty sure that that one guy on the left there was the dude from the beginning of Guardians of the Galaxy.  They do so love setting this stuff up for later flicks, you know.

Captain Marvel comes out next March.

Moe Lane

PS: They just need to hold this stuff together for two more movies.  Just two more.  Get these done, and then it’s all a no-foolin’ cinematic tour de force that gets studied in film schools for a century.

*Get used to it.


  • bensdad00 says:

    PC shoe-horning in of a black female fighter pilot a decade to early doesn’t bode well. Unless she’s supposed to be an Israeli?

    • junior says:


      Carol Danvers herself is supposed to be a fighter pilot. That wasn’t always the case. But nowadays Captain Marvel flies combat aircraft So they’re setting the story back in the ’80s, but keeping her modern day job. Or in other words, they’re not mucking around with that bit of history just to include Ms. Rambeau. It’s possible that these are the first female US combat pilots in the MCU setting.

      Though here Maria is described as a single mother. But iirc in the comics her parents were still together long after Monica grew up and became a superhero (and her Dad was very impressed when he found out she was an Avenger, and working with Captain America).

      • BigGator5 says:

        Stop. This movie take place in the ’90s (not ’80s) and we had a first female fighter pilot in 1993 (Jeannie Leavitt, who is now a Brigadier General). I grimace at making Maria Rambeau a single mother, but I hope that they make Frank Rambeau a hero firefighter who died instead of a deadbeat dad.

        • Rockphed says:

          Especially if they make his death relatively recent, so Maria is still in the “how do I do this by myself” mode and Monica is in the “my world is upside down and I must wallow in pain” mode.

          • Moe_Lane says:

            Let me also note that this is set in a world where we had fully racially integrated combat units in WWII, so there’s wiggle room here. I do like BigGator5’s idea for Frank; it’s a good backstory for our hypothetical upcoming superheroine, assuming that they’re laying the foundation for the next phase to pick up on.

  • BigGator5 says:

    The Skrulls are a bigger deal for me. Can’t wait.

  • junior says:

    Think they can sneak in a cameo of a Billy Batson look-alike for good measure?

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