Doctor Doom movie dead. At Fox.

At least, that’s the word: “…Fox has been developing films for Gambit, X-Force, and Doctor Doom for quite awhile, but according to a recent report… those movies are all dead thanks to the upcoming Fox and Disney merger.”  ‘Recent report’ being a tweet, but OK.  It’s 2019, that’s how this stuff goes now.

Is it a problem?  Note that this is about Doctor Doom, not Gambit or X-Force: I don’t really care about a Gambit movie (I keep confusing his powers with Dazzler’s) and X-Force is going to get made, Disney’s supposed reluctance to make R-rated movies or not.  I ain’t gonna lie; I don’t want Fox to make a Doctor Doom movie.  I want the MCU to make a Doctor Doom movie, right after they make a Fantastic Four movie and before they maybe straighten out the entire X-Men thing.  Doing that should take care of the next four, five years’ worth of scheduling in the franchise, assuming that it doesn’t collapse under its own weight first.

But, honestly: if we finally get a good F4 flick out of it first then my personal victory condition will have been met.  That’s the one I want, now.  That’d be a good capstone.  But you need a non-sucky Doctor Doom for that, too.