Movie(s) of the Week: Captain Marvel.

So, we were at the Target today, and I saw the movie starring Captain Marvel, and then my wife saw the Captain Marvel movie. I wanted to see the movie starring Captain Marvel again and she wanted to see the Captain Marvel movie, so we ended up getting both the movie starring Captain Marvel and the Captain Marvel movie. Which was fine, because I don’t mind seeing the Captain Marvel movie again and she had sort of meant to see the movie starring Captain Marvel anyway.

Plus, there was a nice bonus at the checkout line. It turned out that the Captain Marvel movie was on sale. Shazam!

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  • Luke says:

    So while we’re talking about overhyped things that aren’t very good, like Ms. Larson…
    Anthem update:
    It’s running pretty well. The changes they’ve made since last update have been mostly server side, but they’ve been effective. In the few times I’ve logged in, the matchmaking has worked fairly well (considering the current playerbase, fairly well isn’t bad), the game didn’t crash, and there was minimal lag stutter.
    The Cataclysm is coming soon. A reality-warping storm is clearly visible (and cool, and mysterious, and…)
    We haven’t been given a date, yet, and there isn’t word if they’ve deviated from the earlier plan of a two-week run up to the event launching, followed by four weeks of event, then two weeks (IIRC) of aftermath.
    They accidentally (game industry, so incompetence and marketing tease are both possible) briefly turned on one of the run up events, but I didn’t see it.
    The loading screens still take foreeeeveeer, though. They really need to get a handle on it.
    I can seriously launch Apex or Titanfall 2 and be playing in a match in less time than it takes to just load into a mission in Anthem.
    Even Skyrim’s loading screens at near max level were shorter.

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