Helen Mirren to play villain in next SHAZAM! film.

…Look, they had me at ‘Helen Mirren,’ honestly. She’ll be fine playing ‘Hespera,’ a hitherto unknown villain in the DC universe. If she could do RED, she can do this*.

Moe Lane

*To quote Warren Ellis, when they asked him how he felt about the way they took his comic book and stretched it out to movie length:I mean, if you don’t want to see a film with Helen Mirren with a sniper rifle, I’m not sure I want to know you.

Movie(s) of the Week: Captain Marvel.

So, we were at the Target today, and I saw the movie starring Captain Marvel, and then my wife saw the Captain Marvel movie. I wanted to see the movie starring Captain Marvel again and she wanted to see the Captain Marvel movie, so we ended up getting both the movie starring Captain Marvel and the Captain Marvel movie. Which was fine, because I don’t mind seeing the Captain Marvel movie again and she had sort of meant to see the movie starring Captain Marvel anyway.

Plus, there was a nice bonus at the checkout line. It turned out that the Captain Marvel movie was on sale. Shazam!

So, hey, we can talk about Shazam! now. [SPOILERS]

It’s been two weeks since Shazam! came out, after all. If you haven’t seen this movie (go see this movie) yet, you either don’t care about spoilers or you can stop reading at this point, because there’s gonna be a spoiler or two. Fair warning, and all that.


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Shazam! overachieves with $53 million opening weekend.

I will spare you the lightning jokes.

The magic word at the box office this weekend was “Shazam!” Warner Bros.’ latest DC superhero adventure easily topped charts in North America, pocketing $53 million when it debuted in 4,217 venues.

Buoyed by positive reviews, “Shazam!” arrived ahead of expectations, which anticipated a start around $40 million to $45 million. 

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Shazam! opens tonight, so no spoilers until 4/19/19.

I fully plan to talk about Shazam! after that, because I have opinions about this movie and I want to give them. Before then, I absolutely encourage people to go see this flick. It is very nice, and at times even sweet, and I liked the direction where it went. DC shouldn’t make every superhero movie like this, but it’s smart that they made room for it.

Moe Lane

PS: Shazam! would reduce the Justice League Lex Luthor to impotent incoherence within five minutes, tops. …And now I want to see that happen. I want this so, so badly.

Assuming there is a Shazam! 2…

…I figure that we already know what the plot will be.

“Dwayne [Johnson], Dwanta Claus, I promise if we ever get the opportunity to bring to fisticuffs, I will be so gentle – particularly because I don’t want to accidentally hit you and then die – I would really hate for that to happen!” [Zachary] Levi said jokingly, somewhat mimicking the style of a wrestling promo (via USAToday). “But I am very excited about the prospect, or the idea, of being able to have Shazam and Black Adam fight each other in the film world. That would be tremendously fun.”

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Shazam! holding Early Access viewings on March 23rd.

Via Fandango. I wasn’t going to bring it up, until it occurred to me that it actually wasn’t the easiest thing in the world to get good seats for the Shazam! showings that day. I think that this two weeks early thing that they’re trying with DC superhero flicks might, ha, take off. I certainly enjoyed being able to see Aquaman early; and the buzz is that Shazam! Does Not Suck. I am down with finding out whether that’s true a couple of weeks early…