So, Day One of the FROZEN DREAMS Kickstarter went well.

At 5 PM Eastern Time: $775, 33 backers, off of a $200 target goal. Not bad. Not bad at all.

A little surprising, mind you — but, as my wife pointed out to me, I was operating under very conservative assumptions for the FROZEN DREAMS Kickstarter. And not just in terms of the pledge goal. I had worked out ahead of time what I thought I’d need, in terms of how many people would sign up for each tier; and I made the assumption that I’d get more people at the base tier than for the higher ones. In fact, I didn’t take into consideration the two highest tiers of all when calculating revenue results*. It turns out that the exact opposite happened; the two highest tiers sold out on the first day, and the base tier had the lowest total**.

Mind you, I’m not exactly upset that I funded 300% on the first day. If I have anything like a concern it’s that I don’t overcompensate for the next Kickstarter and screw that up somehow. But this has been a pleasantly educational day.

Moe Lane

*Indeed, the biggest tier got added at the last minute, because my sister insisted that I have a blue-sky tier. Which was also advice that other people gave me? But you know how it is; when your older sister insists you do something, that carries extra weight. Anyway, she was right and I should have had it all along.

**I am actually debating whether or not to do another set of twenty print books. The problem is: me ordering, signing, having numbered, and mailing out twenty books is not a horribly onerous process. Doing it for four hundred books would require me to hire somebody. I don’t know where the diminishing-returns point is on that line.

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