Day Two of the Kickstarter: a study in benchmarks.

Day 2: $1,205, 54 backers. How is that doing, against my benchmark?

Well, there are several, actually.

  • On the most basic level: at the moment, the Kickstarter is something like 600% funded. By that metric if the whole thing just collapsed right now I’d still be doing insanely well.
  • In terms of my private expectations: there’s a singer/songwriter called Marian Call who wrote an extremely useful post on how to do Kickstarter and you should absolutely read it. It wasn’t a point-to-point how-to guide, but after I read it I knew why I was or wasn’t doing certain things, which made it useful right there. Anyway, by this metric I’m still doing above expectations, and significantly: once the Kickstarter is over and the money’s in I’ll be able to ‘print’ FROZEN DREAMS just as soon as I get the proofread text (and probably the map) back. That was my “ludicrous funding/ready in May” target, and I was honestly expecting to hit it a couple of weeks from now.
  • And lastly: out in the distance I can see a green and pleasant land known as Profitability. The idea that I might actually make money off of this book is still a bit of a pipe dream, but… I’m well on my way there. Granted, it’d all get pumped back into the next books, but still.

So, yeah, this is going well. If anybody has any questions about any of this, I’m not an expert but I am seeing this from the inside and everything. If I can give feedback, I will.


  • CWC says:

    IMPO, your stretch goals are nigh perfect.

    Here’s hoping we get the $2000 goal!

    — Your Australian Backer

    • Moe_Lane says:

      If the trajectories work out the way that I think that they will and the way that KS says that they typically do, $2K is very doable and $3K is possible. The second day drop-off looked about how I expected it would, percentage-wise, and I’m assuming that we’ll definitely hit $1.5K in time (so I’m already making inquiries for that). Hitting $2K is plausible enough that I’m asking some preliminary questions along those lines, too.

      • Moe_Lane says:

        Really, I think that the trick here is just not to get ahead of myself. What kind of worries me at this point is what happens if I get lucky and somebody with millions of fantasy-reading followers links to this. I’ve made the rewards as digital as I can and there’s always Backerkit if I suddenly get 600 backers, but still…

  • Jon says:

    I only wish I’d kickstarted on the first day before the book reward level ran out. That’s on me though.

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