Embarrassment of riches: NATIONAL TREASURE sequel AND Disney+ series.

Aww, you shouldn’t have: “Collider got Jerry Bruckheimer to open up his book of secrets and give a new update on the National Treasure franchise, which we learned not only includes National Treasure 3, but a Disney+ TV series now in development.” (Via GeekTyrant) I doubt they’ll get Cage for the National Treasure series, although if you pressed me as to why I couldn’t really give you a reason for that particular bout of skepticism. You never know with Nick Cage.

Still, a kid’s show full of Heroic American Myth would be fun. Especially if it was also infuriating the right people. Hey, you never know.

3 thoughts on “Embarrassment of riches: NATIONAL TREASURE sequel AND Disney+ series.”

  1. After this last disastrous quarter, they might just be desperate enough to do that.
    But Kathleen Kennedy is still destroying Star Wars, and Marvel is still going SJW, so I shan’t hold my breath.

      1. (shrug) If your schtick is feeling superior to [x].
        Then hard evidence that [x] is learning to despise you in turn, is more likely to harden your position than provoke introspection.
        Walt is dead. And if his corpse is suspended in liquid nitrogen, wrapping it in copper wire and surrounding the enclosure with magnets could likely power Disney world.

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